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Community-Based Outreach Programs

Rural Health Group Community-Based Outreach Programs
Denise G. Belle, MPH
Director of Community-Based Outreach Programs
100 Parkview Drive West
Henderson, NC 27536
252-438-2084 (fax)
252-536-5910 (direct work line)

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Be sure to check out the information about diabetes (bad sugars), hypertension (high blood pressure), and blood thinner pills under the “Your Health” tab.

Diabetes Newsletters Archive
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March 2010 – Lifestyle Changes for Lowering Blood Pressure
February 2010 – Heart Attack Risk; Sensible Serving Sizes
November 2009 – Diabetes Awareness Month Activities

“Think BOLD, Think PINK!” is the organization’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event held at The Centre at Halifax Community College in Weldon, NC.



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