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Community-Based Outreach Programs

Rural Health Group Community-Based Outreach Programs
Denise G. Belle, MPH
Director of Community-Based Outreach Programs
100 Parkview Drive West
Henderson, NC 27536
252-438-3549 (main office)  252-536-5910 (direct work line)

252-438-2084 (fax)

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Be sure to check out the information about diabetes (bad sugars), hypertension (high blood pressure), and blood thinner pills under the “Your Health” tab.

Diabetes Newsletters Archive
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November 2009 – Diabetes Awareness Month Activities

“Think BOLD, Think PINK!” is the organization’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event held at The Centre at Halifax Community College in Weldon, NC.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event photo 1

Breast Cancer Awareness Event photo 2

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